Starbucks wanted to tell the story of their coffee to the world. So we created an honest print and outdoor campaign to tell everyone that it's not just coffee, it's Starbucks. The design was inspired by the large burlap coffee bags that come from farms all over the world.

This was the biggest print and outdoor campaign produced by BBDO for Starbucks. In order to execute this project I designed and executed over 50 different executions in more than 150 different executions, across magazines, wild postings, bus shelters, and billboards. Below are just a few samples.


After the Starbucks coffee campaign proved to be a success we extended the campaign to several train stations and billboards in major cities. Each of these locations allowed to us to use the space in a unique way that would draw in people as they passed.

42nd Street Wall

Port Authority Stream of Consciousness Installation

Design, Art Direction
For Starbucks
Written By Kara Goodrich